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Here’s my take on Two and a half Men. I would like to see Charlie return for one final and cool appearance and below I wrote some ideals for an episode!

I think Ashton is doing great. He took a risk and that is why he is at where he is today. I’m still laughing at the new Episodes. But Charlie is the man!! As I see it they both do awesome work. They are two different style actors and damn good at what they do! Yeah Charlie did some things to tic off his Boss which I don’t think was bad! His Boss just wanted to play “Big Boy”. That would be a trip to bring Charlie back. If so bring him back two ways. First “the death was a hoax. What actually happened is he was drunk and who ever was with him at the time was being destracted and of course Charlie was drunk and left his wallet on a table and the person who stole his wallet was the one who fell in front of the train and they went on the I.D and no DNA testing and assumed it was Charlie and he shows back up at his house and unlocks the front door and Allen looks up and screams like a girl and Rose walks in the room and says no way! Then Ashton walks in and he looks up at Charlie and says who’s this? Then Allen states in a shocking but cofused voice, “Ahh, that’s my (pause) brother! Then Aston says “Oh the one from the Dust Buster? Cool! Glad to see your all back together! By the way I had sex with your Mom! Glad you made it back ……(Aston looks up as looking into Heaven) the other side” (then Ashton looks down as if looking toward hell) At that time they are all lookinG at eachother and the door knocks. Charlie looks up at Ashton and says “May I” and Aston says “oh yeah! Get the door!” and it’s Astons ex wife and Charlie says “Now who is this?” and Ashton says that’s my wife” Charie says, “In that case come with me!” and Charlie grabs her arm and arm and they walk out the door and the door shuts. Then Ashton yells out, “That’s my wife” and she yells back through the closed door, “Ah Grow up!” and then Aleena looks around and in a startled and laughing voice says, “Ah what just happened here” and Rose and her attitude with her eyes closed says “Somebody pinch me” and Sargon says “Okay” and pinches her ass! And then the camera fades! …………… Or the other episode would be that Charlie returns as a Ghost spirit And try’s to have a drink with Asthon back porch and Charlie says “Ok, I never turn down the great taste of Americas dream” and he drinks it and it goes right through him onto the deck and Charlie Fades and Allen comes out and sees the alcohol spilled on the deck and says “You shouldn’t waste money like that, oh can I borrow you car” and Ashton says, “But your brother was…….”(interrupted by Allen) “Yeah Charlie wasted money too! Thanks for letting me borrow your car” Ashton says “Keys are by the Microwave” and he picks up the bottle and looks at it and says ” Wow powerfull stuff” and Charlies spirit in an echoey distant voice says “I Know” then Ashton freaks and runs into the house! At that Momnet the theme song plays ‘Men…..’

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Jeff Massive BMI