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Massive News!

Hey all! I am signning on a new Rap Artist, Jim Smiley. With him signing on to BMI with me he will go much further then the norm who want to jam in the basement! Congrats to you Jim and this shows dedication and ambition to wanting the step to sucess! Here is his link

Song:  “FIGHT”

By Jim Smiley

Jeff Massive Publishing and productions BMI

New CD coming soon!


3 Responses to “Massive News!”
  1. "OW" says:

    Great Artist, we also have his article featured in Ow
    Well done JM BMI.

    From “OW”

    • Jeff Massive says:

      Thank you, I am getting back into the site so I am going to build it back up! My band is kicking ass! You’ll dig it. Got a whole new project! They have 15 songs finished. I’m adding vocals in the studio now! So how have you been Kaliopy! Havn’t talked in awhile!!! Hope all is well. It is for me. my vocals are improving by the day! I will get this site moving again. Your site is awesome girly!!!!! talk later, Your Entertaiment partner in crime Jeff!!!!!!

  2. "OW" says:

    Thumbs up to Jim smilie, Great artist indeed !!!

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