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Anders Helgeson

Here is an up and coming Rap artist From San Diego CA. He is a student in San Luis* Obispo  at Cal Poly College! 

Bio coming soon!

click on songs below, Note newer versions of the songs will be posted when finished in the studio!

spaceman Demo

MegaMan Demo Explicit lyrics!




Here’s my take on Two and a half Men. I would like to see Charlie return for one final and cool appearance and below I wrote some ideals for an episode!

I think Ashton is doing great. He took a risk and that is why he is at where he is today. I’m still laughing at the new Episodes. But Charlie is the man!! As I see it they both do awesome work. They are two different style actors and damn good at what they do! Yeah Charlie did some things to tic off his Boss which I don’t think was bad! His Boss just wanted to play “Big Boy”. That would be a trip to bring Charlie back. If so bring him back two ways. First “the death was a hoax. What actually happened is he was drunk and who ever was with him at the time was being destracted and of course Charlie was drunk and left his wallet on a table and the person who stole his wallet was the one who fell in front of the train and they went on the I.D and no DNA testing and assumed it was Charlie and he shows back up at his house and unlocks the front door and Allen looks up and screams like a girl and Rose walks in the room and says no way! Then Ashton walks in and he looks up at Charlie and says who’s this? Then Allen states in a shocking but cofused voice, “Ahh, that’s my (pause) brother! Then Aston says “Oh the one from the Dust Buster? Cool! Glad to see your all back together! By the way I had sex with your Mom! Glad you made it back ……(Aston looks up as looking into Heaven) the other side” (then Ashton looks down as if looking toward hell) At that time they are all lookinG at eachother and the door knocks. Charlie looks up at Ashton and says “May I” and Aston says “oh yeah! Get the door!” and it’s Astons ex wife and Charlie says “Now who is this?” and Ashton says that’s my wife” Charie says, “In that case come with me!” and Charlie grabs her arm and arm and they walk out the door and the door shuts. Then Ashton yells out, “That’s my wife” and she yells back through the closed door, “Ah Grow up!” and then Aleena looks around and in a startled and laughing voice says, “Ah what just happened here” and Rose and her attitude with her eyes closed says “Somebody pinch me” and Sargon says “Okay” and pinches her ass! And then the camera fades! …………… Or the other episode would be that Charlie returns as a Ghost spirit And try’s to have a drink with Asthon back porch and Charlie says “Ok, I never turn down the great taste of Americas dream” and he drinks it and it goes right through him onto the deck and Charlie Fades and Allen comes out and sees the alcohol spilled on the deck and says “You shouldn’t waste money like that, oh can I borrow you car” and Ashton says, “But your brother was…….”(interrupted by Allen) “Yeah Charlie wasted money too! Thanks for letting me borrow your car” Ashton says “Keys are by the Microwave” and he picks up the bottle and looks at it and says ” Wow powerfull stuff” and Charlies spirit in an echoey distant voice says “I Know” then Ashton freaks and runs into the house! At that Momnet the theme song plays ‘Men…..’

Voice Over

Well I’m doing it. I am going to use my Talent and begin doing voice overs! I give my wife a head ache by doing voice overs everywhere we go so why not use my ability and start doing commercials and getting paid to goof off and have fun!

R. I. P. German Arbelaez!

I lost my good friend and producer! German Arbelaez. R.I.P. German! You taught me so much in the music industry the little time I knew you! You always said to me “As long as my heart is beating I’ll always be in the music business” well to all of us a piece of your heart is in us and I will continue the legend of you! You told me on the phone last week that I was doing things right and following your orders and the Bass player I picked up is our final piece. I know you would like him! You said you will come to our practice next week and I know you’ll be there in Spirit so we will rock our hearts out for you! and like you said “we will be ready for L A! ” Thanks for all you told me! RIP my Friend! See ya later, Jeff
Ps I’m singing my heart out for you!


Forming a Quiet Riot Tribute band! Need Guitar player, Bass and Drums! Must fit the part!   Contact me here in comments! Thanks Jeff. Listen to my song below to give you an Ideal of how my vocals are!

Rock Is Forever

Jim Smiley

Jim Smiley is a 22 year old underground Hip-Hop artist from Central Illinois, by way of Chicago.  Smiley is creating a sound that shatters the belief that underground artists can’t make music appealing to the masses. Jim has been writing, and performing music for 7 years, perfecting his songwriting and live shows. There is little uncharted territory in Illinois for him. Jim has performed everywhere from downtown Chicago in front of the Columbia College student body; all the way to Southern Illinois, including the legendary Pop’s Venue.
Jim is currently working with BMI publisher Jeff Massive to further his career as a hip-hop artist. Jim Smiley is currently in the process of completing his full length project “I’m Not Crazy”.  And has already released “Superhero Music Mixtape” in January of 2011. The mixtape was well received by fans, his peers, and critics alike.
Jim Smiley’s list of shows runs long, here’s a condensed list (started with the most recent):
Headliner for OccuStock in Indianapolis, IN (May 2012)
·         Headliner for Occupy the Heart Festival in Cleveland, OH (April 2012)
·         Headliner R.E.S. CD Release Party 2012
·         Headliner for Atomic Cowboy Bar in St. Louis, MO (March 2012)
·         Headliner Holiday Concert Series at White Oaks Mall (December 2011)
·         Headliner HipHop Night in Girard, IL (December 2011)
·         Performed live for Blaze the Stage in New York, NY (November 2011)
·         Headliner for R.E.S. Party at the Rail (July 2011)
·         Headliner for 1st Annual Southern Illinois Hip Hop Festival (July 2011)
·         Headliner for FUBAR Independent Artists Showcase in St. Louis, MO (July 2011)
·         Headliner for Midwest Grind Tour (May 2011)
·         Headliner for Paid Dues Made Moves Hip Hop Show (April 2011)
·         Opening Act for Gorilla Zoe at Club Chrome (March 2011)
·         Opening Act for Buk of Phychodrama and DaWreck of Triple Darkness (February 2011)
·         Opening Act for Afroman (January 2011)
·         Headliner for “Gift Rappin Party” (December 2010)
·         Featured Artist On State Journal Registers Website
·         Headliner for Juneteenth 2010 (July 2010)
·         Opening Act for Crucial Conflict (January 2010 and December 2010)
·         Opening Act for Bushwick Bill (December 2010)
·         Pop’s Venue Headliner in Saguet Illinois (Summer 2010)
·         Opening Act for Haystak (Janurary 2010)
·          Featured Artist on Comcast Searchlight (2010)
·         The list goes on…

Massive News!

Hey all! I am signning on a new Rap Artist, Jim Smiley. With him signing on to BMI with me he will go much further then the norm who want to jam in the basement! Congrats to you Jim and this shows dedication and ambition to wanting the step to sucess! Here is his link

Song:  “FIGHT”

By Jim Smiley

Jeff Massive Publishing and productions BMI

New CD coming soon!

Hello World!

 Art work by Kaliopy!!!!

TokiDoki at Sephora
Tokidoki’s Soda Shop Collection: It’s time now for some good old-fashioned fun. The Soda Shop collection features the tokidoki
characters Bastardino, Adios, and Trucker Burger in a classic American “happy days” world. Embrace the bright eyeshadows, unique
lip balm stains, and limited-edition bags and pouches—all covered with artist Simone Legno’s beloved characters and presented
exclusively at Sephora
Brought to you by OW:

Story 2

Welcome back J-Lo!!!  After disappearing from her fans and spot light to enjoy some quality time in her married
and family life,  its great to see this sexy Innovator back on the Floor.
Jennifer Lopez, sexy as ever has released her first track featuring Pitbull “On the Floor”. It has topped #1 on the Hottest music charts,
and I admit, I haven’t stop re-playing this track over and over again since its first release.
In just under 2 weeks,  her viral video on You Tube has reached over 37, 000,000 hits,  jetting passed superstars like Brittney Spears and
Lady Gaga By the millions.  This little sensation is just powering through the decades, how can you not love her?  !!
Check Out JLo’s Ft Pitbull video via:
By Kaliopy

Story 3

It’s About Hair This Fashion Season
Its “Fashion Full Stop” at L’ Oreal Fashion (LMFF) week in Australia and today’s topic is about………HAIR!!!
That’s right, your outfit is not complete without this seasonal hair styles.
Revamp your looks by choosing a flattering hairstyle, begin the season with a new cut or colour, there is no specific style you need,
keep in mind variety is the key on the runway, with sharp, vibrant, enhancing colour locks making luscious style statements.
Whether you love long, lustrous locks or short, sassy crops, take the plunge with your hair stylist and re-create a new you. Once you have
that new look, maintaining the shape you desire is not as tedious as you may think, a trip to your hair salon every 8 weeks, keeps you looking
fresh all year round.
You are bound to take this new decade to a whole new level with sweeping fringes, Short, Sharp cuts and soft, feminine curls. Choose the most
flattering look the best suits your facial features and hair type.
If you don’t have a 2011 fashion hairstyle magazine in front of you, There are thousands of links online that can help you find the style that suits you,
I have found a link to direct my “OW” readers, called Fashionising:–2011-hair-trends-2011-hairstyles-4338.html
16 march 2011
By kaliopy

Story 4

The Stu Thomas Paradox
STU THOMAS is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, performer, producer,
and has worked with some of Australia’s greatest bands.
He fronts THE STU THOMAS PARADOX, and plays baritone guitar/bass for
Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist and bass for Kim Salmon & The Surrealists.
Born in Canberra, raised in Perth, Stu played music from an early age, starting as 2nd trumpet in the Xavier Swing College Band.
He taught himself guitar and bass, and could play almost any instrument he tried. He decided music was his true calling.
Stu formed bands and played gigs until he was finally run out of town for refusing to play covers. He headed to Australia’s music
capital Melbourne in 1990, leading the trio Organism, which played odd, primal pop. Surviving a year living and playing together,
they were touted by national broadcaster JJJ, released a cassette, then broke up. Stu played on…
Stu’s first solo release was the Resonance EP of 2003, followed by the 2004 album Devil and Daughter
(audrey), a darkly acoustic affair (re-issued worldwide in 2007 by Spanish boutique label BANG!).
To perform this music he sculpted a low-down live band, Stu & the Celestials, fronting on vocals and nylon-string.
In 2005 Stu took a different tack, forming the hot-wired voodoo-surf group THE STU THOMAS PARADOX.
The sound turned electric, with Stu wielding a wild, reverb-laden baritone guitar.
Stu (and/or band) has appeared across Australia, NZ & Europe, sharing bills with Ed Kuepper (Saints), Darling Downs,
Dave Graney, Steve Lucas (X), Kim Salmon, Thomas Wydler (Bad Seeds), Penny Ikinger, Silver Ray…
2nd album Escape From Algebra was self-released in April 2010 (Bar Hum Bug).
In 1997 Stu formed the trash-noir brass outfit The Brass Bed. As ringmaster, he led them from the rock stage to live cinema and
gallery events, via a number of independent releases. 1997′s low key EP (Blah Blah Blah) received acclaim, as did the
No Single picture disc of 1998. Their debut album Save Your Breath surfaced in 2001 (Corduroy).
In 2002 they self-released a CD of live soundtracks, Resonances: Live Film Muzak and in 2007 The Super 8 Video LP DVD
(Bar Hum Bug). They appeared live in Australia and NZ, performing with the likes of Rowland S Howard, Kim Salmon & The
Surrealists, Spencer P Jones’ Last Gasp, Vardos, The National Junk Band, Dumb Earth, Luxedo…
Stu had moved thru a ridiculously large succession of bands on bass and/or vocals when the call came to join
Kim Salmon & The Surrealists in 1995. He then became an international player, when they hit Europe, USA and Australia in ’96.
In 1997 they released a string of singles and the album Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing (Half-A-Cow). Stu remained as the
Surrealists added a brass section, becoming Kim Salmon & The Business in 1999, and releasing the album Record in 2000
(Half-A-Cow). Their association continued through Salmon’s “Earnest” band in 2002-3, The Scientists 2004 Euro-tour, and 2009
in SALMON. In 2006, Kim Salmon & The Surrealists were invited to Spain for Azkena Rock fest, and subsequently played more
Australian shows, with a new album Grand Unifying Theory (LTI) released 2010.
In 2003, Stu joined The Royal Dave Graney Show, as bassist. Soon after, the band became The Lurid Yellow Mist featuring
Dave Graney & Clare Moore. With this band he covered Australia many more times, performing in cities, country areas and
exotic locales (inc. Cocos Islands in ’07). Stu also toured extensively with Dave & Clare as an acoustic trio.
He appears on 2005′s Hashish & Liquor and the 2006 trio album Keepin’ It Unreal (Cockcaigne/Reverberation).
In 2008, the trio opened for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds across Europe and UK. Stu played and sang on 2008 band album
We Wuz Curious, plus Dave Graney’s solo album of 2009 Knock Yourself Out, and 2011′s Rock N Roll Is Where I Hide.
Stu has always been sought after to play live and on recordings by other artists of note including:
Kim Salmon, Dave Graney, Billy Miller (Ferrets), Spencer P Jones, Luxedo, Barb Waters, Red Lantern, Even,
Mark Gardener (Ride), Mike Noga (Drones), Dan Brodie & The Broken Arrows, The Spoils, Penny Ikinger,
Wayfaring Strangers, Swedish Magazines, Jane Dust, The Dames, Chris Marshall…
Stu Thomas – vocals, guitar, baritone guitar, songs, artwork
Billy Miller – guitar, vocals
Phil Collings – drums
Ed Miller – bass, vocals
ph: (03) 9314 7447
mob: 0414 722 357
Keep tuned as Stu Thomas will soon be releasing an EP  Picture Disc of obscure film songs!!! More of this brilliant musician coming soon.
By Kaliopy

Story 5

L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2011

Melbourne Fashion Week has come round once again.  The festival is expected to launch in the coming days, from 14th to 20th of March,
with schedules running back to back all day and night down the runway.

Celebrating our history in style, its all about music, champagne and indeed eye stopping fashion.  For those that have never been to at
least one show, I urge you to go and experience the unique style and flavours of the coming seasonal collections being exhibited.
For fashion lovers, you can visit more of LMFF time tables at:
11 march 2011

By Kaliopy

Story 6

Japan’s Second Reactor In Trouble
We have all been watching closely to Japan’s catastrophic Tsunami damage, and only yesterday the first nuclear reactor had exploded after leaking
into the ocean for days after the earthquake incident hit the facility in Northeast of Tokyo.

Now the nation is fearing a second reactor is also in trouble, calling on an atomic emergency as the cooling system has failed, residence in the area
have been ordered to evacuate, as concerns rise the nuclear plant will explode.

The Massive earthquake tsunami, have left over 1000 people dead and 10,000 missing. Police reportedly said between 200 and 300 bodies had been
found in the city of Sendai. Up to 400 bodies were recovered in Rikuzentakata, a coastal town of some 23,000 people; NHK quoted the military as saying.
To read more about today’s updates on the tsunami / nuclear reports, click on the link below to read a full description on nine msn news: 
World News: 14 march 2011
By Kaliopy

Story 7

Hey to all, I’m still trying to figure out the blog section, I inserted more detail of why you should be published on the Home page, Read it and you’ll understand why being published is one of the most important parts of the music/tv industry.
Also Refuse Life is almost done with their CD so be looking for it, I’ll be sending their material Global and soon, as I heard the new material, you listeners will want to get this new CD, IT’S HOT!!!!!!!!

Also Jim Smiley, my Rap artist is in the studio finishing up his final touches of his CD, He is soon to be joining the Elite Rappers of the world. It is going great, peace out on that!

Kaliopy, Artist from Australia is gearing up for her New painting project, John Lennon and a series of different paintings will accomidate the Project! If you’re out there Yoko Ono you must see the talent Kaliopy is putting into her John Lennon Project! And to all of the John Lennon fans, this is a must! You will need these paintings in your Gallery or even your homes right in the front entrances at best! To contact Kaliopy you have to go through me for I am her Publacist here in the States. You can see one of the samples of her Project on the Home Page! And more on the Artist page! my contact:

Also a new Journalist will be joining with me to do all of the interviews with all of the bands and she will be finding me new ones to publish!

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